It has recently become a meeting point for seafarers and sea enthusiasts, justifying its reputation with its natural appearance. From the latest model yachts to small fishing boats, boats visit Göcek in all seasons. Being an ideal meeting point with air temperature, wind and sea, Göcek is also gaining importance with its international standards, 22 km to Dalaman airport. Although it has been built in recent years, the Göcek marina has become a special center. Come from Istanbul, Ankara and other regions and get away from the hardships of life and find peace in Göcek hayats blue-green paradise.

In addition, Göcek is a special center because it is close to beautiful islands and bays. Before you start your blue journey, you can get all your needs in a short time. Until recently, the small village of Göcek has been quite developed thanks to the yacht marina. Today, despite the limited opportunities, the municipality is trying to provide the best service to the guests by making great efforts.

Due to the fact that it is located on the Fethiye highway it is possible to carry out land transportation in Göcek, domestic and foreign publications, newspapers and all kinds of needs at world standards. Göcek port can be safely entered without limitation of day and night. You can connect boats to the municipality marina or connect to the magnificent bays of Skopea Marina or the Club Marina. The nature and sea of ​​Göcek is as clean and pristine as its new creature with its magnificent brightness. Göcek culture and tourism directorate also has studies to protect the area as well as waste collection activities in the bay. In addition, the municipality does not allow new structures to prevent the deterioration of the natural beauty of the area.

This region has been reported as a special environmental protection area since 1988 and consequently has become a 3rd degree site. The old name of Gocek is Kalinche and it is located around the current bay. These remains are evidence that the region was used as a settlement in ancient times. As the famous poet of Izmir, Homer says, when the sun sends the golden lights after the mountains, the color of the water turns into wine and Göcek’s colorful nights begin. After living and enjoying Göcek’s nights, each one with a magnificent nature and a paradise on earth is located in Göcek bays, Atbükü, Boynuzbükü, Bedri Rahmi, Sıralıbük, Sarsala, Monastery, Gobun bays, Göcek, Yassıcalar, Tersane and Pig Island. go to see.

At the end of the Fethiye gulf, set your route to the Northwest and you will see Göcek is decorated with an extraordinary landscape. Overlooking 12 islands with its majestic mountains covered with pine trees, Göcek is an excellent natural harbor town sheltered with an almost circular bay. With this perfection, Göcek is a long-time favorite center of sailors, a popular area for gulets at the same time.

Despite Göcek’s popularity, the reason why it is not pristine is; The majority of the settlements are operated by local people, small hotels and hostels are available, as well as small cafes, high quality restaurants, restaurants where you can eat delicious seafood.

From the harbor you can take a boat trip around the 12 islands and at the same time it is a natural transportation choice to reach the nearby beaches around Gocek Bay. With a fun 20-minute short tour, you can feel like Robinson Crusoe in the magnificent bays of Gocek.