Offshore Sailing is in the center of best sailing grounds of south west coast of Turkey, in Marmaris. MArmaris is served mainly from Dalaman airport (1h 30min) but can also be reached from Milas (Bodrum) or İzmir airport. (2 hours and 2 h 30 min respectively) Marmaris is also conneced to Rhodes with a fast ferry services twice a day (1 h)

You can find a more detailed information on each of main itineraries such as Greek ıslands, Hisarönü bay or Göçek.

– North – The strong breeze blowing from the Northwest usually begins in the afternoon and dominates until sunset, very rarely passes 30 knots in speed: Southern winds can be more severe, but this is usually seen out of season.

The best thing is to have a quiet breakfast, sunbathing, swimming and diving for your mornings, and take your anchor at noon and open your sails for the afternoon breeze.

– If your crew is not made up of experienced sailors, do not plan long routes. It is ideal for 25 to 30 miles per day to not miss these beauties, so that you will have the opportunity to watch the unique shores, so that the wind slows down into the sunset.

The natural extension of the western route in the 2nd week is Bodrum and Kekova from the Gulf of Gokova, and Kekova and Finike for the Eastern Road. Both Kekova and Gokova are places not to be missed
Some bays can be overcrowded in high season, if you want to connect your boat to the best places, you should choose to come a little early.

Many coves have small jetties, and when you approach them, some of them may flag and call you. They will help you to connect your boat to the pier. Most, if not all, can have clean water, 220 V electricity and sometimes vaults. In return, you only have to eat in the restaurant, in general the quality of the food is good and the prices are reasonable. You can discuss the prices before connecting your boat just in case.

Besides, there are marinas with full equipments in Göcek, Bodrum and Orhaniye, Finike and Karacsöğüt, and mid-sized marinas in Datça and Bozburun.

According to the current season and the size of the ship, prices vary from 10 to 100 Euros.

If you send your shopping list before your charter date, you will have been shopping and left to your boat at no additional cost before you arrive at the boat.

Karacasöğüt Martı Marina

Göcek Skopea Marina

Bodrum Milta Marina

Finike Setur Marina